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Recipes for Revenge

A Four Course Novel

Four short stories laid out like a meal: appetizer, salad, entree and dessert. Recipes included...but this is NOT a recipe book. These are humorously dark tales of women pushed too far and men who get their just desserts.


on July 24, 2017
I can hardly believe how much I loved this book. Each "course" is a great story full of dark humor and they have a lighthearted air to each approach to vengeance. It's well written. The characters are easy to get attached to. If you only read one book this summer, this should be it.
on June 10, 2017
It was a really fun book to read,enjoyed each short story about revenge and the great recipes and the endings were really unexpected. I think anyone who enjoys a little mystery would really enjoy these book segments.
on August 27, 2012
... I must insist that you cease and desist in writing books that cause a polarity shift in my Kindle and make it stick to my hand. Seriously, I could not put it down!

OK, seriously, the characters were amazing. I rooted for the gals to give the guys what they had coming. The plots were twisted and what I thought would happen, didn't. Oh, the potato salad! *shiver*

Speaking of food, there are recipes at the beginning of each section! I'm definitely trying the cookie recipe with the kids. Rice Crispies in cookies? Yes, please! Why didn't I think of that?

This is a good read for anyone that likes suspense, murder and drama. As a bonus, you get ideas for your next meal ... if you can stomach it! :)

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About Gina Barlean

G. M. Barlean creates tales of darkly tinged fiction with insightful views on conflicting situations. Her compelling and emotionally charged work will give you pause and make you ponder. G. M.'s goal is to create unpredictable tales that will surprise you, and to create characters who are deep, troubled and always very human. G. M. is a Nebraska farm wife and mother of two adult children. To meet her, you might never suspect she's wondering how best to kill of a problematic character in one of her stories...rat poison, or drain cleaner?

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