Raising A Prince Without A King

A Single Mother's Journey to Victory

In this masterfully written book LaVeda Jones addresses the problem of single motherhood with insight and candor. In her relaxed gentle style she takes us on an emotional roller coaster that most single mothers experience. This book is about a woman who suffered dashed hope, failure, fear, the absence of peace, the squashing of self-confidence, the abandoning of friends, to a woman rising from the ashes to becoming person of strength, faith and courage.

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By Amazon Customer on March 1, 2015

In a word Phenomenal! I didn't really know what to expect upon starting this book, but it leaves me anticipating the next installation from this new author. Raising a Prince Without A King is a quick read that packs a lot of punch. The book follows Ms. Jones amazing life journey of her trials and struggles of raising her two boys alone after an unexpected divorce. What would permanently derail some people, Ms. Jones used to her advantage. Fight until you win resonates with me from her book. Even though my life experience is not that of a single parent, I still found this book helpful and relatable with the authors use of inspiring quotes and scripture to back highlight each chapter. Upon finishing this powerful book, I was telling myself no excuses. If everyone reached back to help someone who was down and out, the world would be a better place. I plan to purchase copies to give as gifts to friends and family that would benefit from this book. I highly recommend it!

By Kimberly Allen on March 6, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I read this book in 2 days. Totally awesome read...I loved the transparency of how she was not afraid to take you into the abyss of her feelings and emotions; her thoughts, her fears, her valleys and her peaks. It was easy to identify with a lot of the struggles that she conquered and what she needed to do to get back to a sense of normalcy for herself and her sons. I totally recommend this book for anybody who may be struggling no only with being a single parent but just dealing with emotions and feelings in general. You won't be disappointed!


“As ministers who come into daily contact with single moms, my wife and I are proud to endorse this work by LaVeda M. Jones. The task of raising males in today's society can be daunting, but with God's grace, as demonstrated so beautifully in this book, the impossible becomes possible!” - Reverend and Mrs. Thomas Patrick O'Connor

“LaVeda Jones is a woman who thankfully has listened to God's calling and is making a difference in this world. Her message is one that resonates to any single parent, young or old. The story she has shared is only the beginning. Her influence, support and gift
of encouragement, strength, love and faith that God is working for us - is comforting and so needed. LaVeda has a gift, is a gift and thankfully God is moving in her, through her and with her every step of the way.”  – Christine Welch, Owner, Coffee Cake Connection

“LaVeda Jones, a woman of faith, is deeply committed to the health, happiness and wellbeing of her family and boys. This book is symbolic of her commitment and journey...focused and goal oriented. It is a love letter to those who may traverse
parenthood without a partner, so that they know they are not alone. With God as your guide and a spiritual foundation, all things are possible.” - Yolanda Daniel, Global Business and Finance Executive

“Every child at some time in his or her life has dreamed of what he or she wants life to be as an adult. For various reasons that perfect dream is shattered. Hence, Raising a Prince Without A King, born out of a dream deferred, LaVeda Jones shares the real struggles of a single parent raising children alone in a way that encourages one to continue on in the struggle. You will laugh. You will cry. You will be encouraged!" – Apostle Deborah Stackhouse, The Sign of the Dove Church

“Raising children is never an easy task and parenting as a single adult can present greater challenges. The testimony found in these pages will not only encourage you but also leave you feeling hopeful and refreshed. I believe that through the transparency of her personal journey, LaVeda Jones has written a book full of the healing power of God. This is definitely a must read for all single parents!” - Pastor Carla Walker, Cathedral of Power International

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LaVeda M. Jones, Founder of (PSM) Professional Services and Mentoring for Single Parents, Nfp™ a global non-profit organization and Author of Raising A Prince Without A King “A Single Mother’s Journey to Victory”.  I am a native of Mobile, Alabama and a longtime resident of the Chicago Metropolitan community. As a divorced parent, I discovered that many single parents are in need of additional resources in order to navigate the complexities of parenting. As a visionary and alacrity to help people embrace their journey was a challenge for me to start my organization PSM. A platform where like-minded single parents around the globe can come together in one place to gather resources, share stories, learn, be mentored and bridge the gap of feeling alone.

As my life goals intertwine with serving the needs to the public, my most important service is my faith and my calling. Many years after my organization PSM was launched God called for me to share more of my gifts to help others, which ignited another journey, writing a book of my experience; Raising a Prince without a King “A Single Mother’s Journey to Victory.” The message I would like to share with you and others is that I was once that women that suffered dashed hope, failure, fear, the absence of peace, the squashing of self-confidence and the abandoning of friends. But through my faith, endurance, and determination to beat the odds, I became that woman that rose from the ashes to becoming a person of strength, faith and courage.

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