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Qualiteria High

An Unusual Start
Book Cover

When five teenagers receive an invitation to a mysterious boarding school, they eventually agree to go to the tour which is scheduled on Saturday. They venture to the school and along the way, discover a whole new town filled with many colors, unusual people, and a weird object that freaks them out. Finally, they arrive at the tour and learn more about what the school has to offer. They went through the tour with different views in their heads, and they kept those views until they take their first day. Just then, the intercom came on, telling each of them to come to the office. The teenagers did what the intercom told them to do, but they never knew the surprise that awaited them.


"Fantastic roller coaster ride to a boarding school like not other. I enjoyed every unexpected twisting, hair-raising turn of this highly entertaining page turned, it's impossible to put this book down. Enjoyed it tremedously."- Christopher Maynard Correia

"This story had a very nice start, which led to an intriguing second chapter. It reminded me slightly of both Matilda, a fairy-tale and Harry Potter (plot-wise) and the writing style got better and better the more I read. There were a few mistakes here and there - which I'll take the time to point out if you want me to - but the main thing I would change in Chapter 1 is the telling. In stories, it is best to show a background bit by bit instead of telling it. For example, you could have Amelia on a walk, thinking about her background, instead of showing her entire story. On the other hand, her story provided a good grounding, so its really up to you how you write. I really enjoyed it overall! A very nice start!"- Hadley Swiss

"The characters are fun, and the author does a great job of creating characters that are much like people we would know from high school - the queen bee type, the artist, the rebel, etc. Roxanne is one of those characters that is so annoying, and I found myself laughing at her a few times - which is great. I think the main thing I found in the story that needs work is the verb tenses. The lines shift from past to present tense. But that's easy enough to clean up. All in all, a fun story - and the ending was a surprise!"- M.B. Thurman

"I enjoyed reading this book. The book is really good. I love the story."- Juliet Omotoso

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Ibidun has been writing for a long time and wrote a few unpublished books at a young age. After those books were written, Ibidun advanced in a previous school and learned more about writing. A few years later, it was decided that Ibidun wants to become an author and wrote “Qualiteria High”.

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