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Promised Lies

Detective Lily Blanchette has a lot on her plate… 

Her sister Celine has recently been murdered and her parents are on the brink of divorce. Now she’s lead on a multiple murder investigation.

Six months after Lily’s sister’s death, the bodies of two young women are discovered. One look at the way the bodies have been posed and Lily knows her sister’s killer is back.

And she’s determined to get him.

When Lily visits the family of victim Tanya O’Neal, she learns the woman had arranged to meet a man going by the handle CtryGeek23 on the social networking site Scatter.

Lily thinks finding the man behind the account is key to solving the case.

But CtryGeek23 is very clever, and Lily has her work cut out for her. As she digs around, clues point her to a local brewery where she discovers the body of another young woman.

The more Lily digs, the more she thinks there is more than one murderer at work, and CtryGeek23 is the mastermind.

But who is he?

And how will they catch him?

As the investigation comes to life, death hits closer to home, and Lily discovers she may not be who she thinks she is at all.

Filled with plot turns, suspense and mystery, Promised Lies will leave you wondering how well anybody knows anyone…


"I was quickly sucked into the story of the somewhat maverick female detective and her tangled personal life. Ashton has a conversational way of writing. This makes the story easy to read and it almost played like a film in my mind as I read." Blogger, Kelly K (Spring Time Book Club Tour)

"If you like action-packed crime thrillers then Promised Lies should definitely be on your TBR list!" Blogger, Sally Akins (Spring Time Book Club Tour)

"Promised Lies was gripping & held my attention from the start!" Blogger, Emma Shearer (Spring Time Book Club Tour)

"This is a good old-fashioned cop/crime thriller." Blogger, Tippytupps (Spring Time Book Club Tour)

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