Pool of Lies

All lies have consequences...

Dr. Ava Carmichael is a successful heart surgeon with a loving wife. Unbeknownst to her wife, Ava takes on a second job in order to break up the monotony that her life has fallen into. It's while working this second job that she meets Kacey Hudson, a dark, mysterious woman who ignites a spark inside Ava. A spark that inevitably leads to more lies and send's Ava's life into a tailspin.

Will Ava be able to regain control of her life or will she drown in the lies that she's told?


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About DJ Small

DJ Small lives in the city of Richmond, in the amazing state of Virginia. When he isn’t working or writing he is indulging in Canadian television or another one of Shonda Rhimes’s enthralling series. He’s passionate about telling stories that cover all spectrums of humanity and hopes to be one of the many storytellers that changes the way people view the world.

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