Philosophy of Life

Connecting Dots

The idea to write this book was conceived to find facts relating to all the aspects of life and to rationally analyze the reasons behind these aspects. The back ground of this book is to find answers about the rationality of every single thing, action, happening, process and event whether in galaxies, stars, earth, human physical, psychological and social aspects etc. It is an attempt to find rational answers to any question in one's mind about anything.

The book starts with curiosity, need and methodology for studying different aspects of life. Move on to fundamental basic laws for understanding and analyzing any event, process, happening on account of cognitive ability of human mind. The next part postulates physical aspect of this universe followed by physical aspect of human beings further followed by psychological aspect of human beings and move on to social aspect of human beings. It further highlights some of the human perceptions based on fantasies having defining effect on human life. The role of internal thought process from sensory stimulation on account of sensory information gathered through sensory organs resulting in dispensation in the form of day to day conduct and its effect in the form of stress and strain on human mind has been highlighted.

For accomplishing the ultimate goals of life, the book suggests ways to maintain appropriate physical health, appropriate mental health, appropriate social health for peaceful co-existence, appropriate environmental health and appropriate physical possessions for improving life quality quotient to lead a healthy, blissful, ecstatic, stress free, fulfilling life leading to tranquility, elation, happiness, satisfaction with peaceful coexistence during the entire lifespan from birth to death.

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