Perceptions Of A Past To Come

A collection of original poems

PERCEPTIONS OF A PAST TO COME is a cauldron of experiences, emotions, and incidents, which brutally decries religious charlatanism, political tyranny, sexual perverseness and social injustice. It ruffles one's perception of slavery, capitalism, justice, self-preservation, faith, and many more, projecting the current state of individualism and decadence as a direct result of the depravity of the human nature. This foreboding atmosphere is redeemed only with the introduction of concepts and interpretations of love, hope, perseverance, and the belief in oneself, and one’s unearthed abilities. Most of the poems were written within a Ghanaian context, and, as a result, describe the social, political, religious and economic landscape of the country in both the colonial and post-colonial eras. The use of Ghana, however, is largely an extended metaphor that represents developing countries in particular but can be used to test the projection of developed/western countries as either a façade or a true image.


I am not big on poetry but found most of the poems in this book easy to read, because the author largely uses a narrative style. There is a striking and vivid use of imagery and the poems often carry a tone that projects hopelessness. I guess that was necessary in order to paint a picture of a decadent society. Although I had to search online for the meaning of some non-English terms (A glossary for a second edition would be great) the book still bears my full backing for style, boldness, and the blank description of cultural, political, moral and religious identities of developing African countries, and which is just a reflection on all societies, really.

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About Ernest Antwi

At the age of thirteen, Ernest wrote his first book. He never stopped writing, and, currently, he has a number of books, plays and poems either ready for publication or in different stages of development.

Ernest holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Science in Refugee Studies. He is also the founder of a charity organisation called Refugee Aware. He presently lives in London with his wife and three sons.

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