Orchard of My Eye

Aria Rioverde, a professor of ethnomusicology, is rapidly going blind. She is renowned for her performances of Afro-Caribbean music and dance from her home island of Curacao; but how will she continue the career she loves when she can no longer see?

Nat Colt is dying. His final goals are to find a mother figure to take care of his 9-year-old daughter, Jazz, and to complete the artificial vision system that he and his late wife devoted their science careers to developing.

When Aria arrives at Nat's lab to protest his use of bonobos in experiments with artificial vision, Nat pins his hopes on using her in his first human trial. At first Aria refuses, but desperate to regain her failing eyesight, she submits to being the subject in a procedure that surgically implants tiny computers in her retinas and brain.

The system restores Aria's eyesight, but unexpectedly her vision continues evolving-becoming superhuman. When her remote viewing inadvertently spies a black ops intelligence operation hidden deep inside a mountain, the dancer and Nat and his daughter find themselves fleeing a team of killers who will stop at nothing to get at the implants inside Aria's head.

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