Once Humans

The Daimones Trilogy, Volume 2

The second volume on the Daimones Space Opera: the death and rebirth of the human race. The last day has come and gone but the post-apocalyptic saga continues in Once Humans, the gripping sequel to Daimones by Massimo Marino. In utopian communities across the planet, Dan Amenta and his fellow survivors enjoy peace and plenty, closely guided and cared for by ancient aliens known as Moîrai. A malignant force, though, lurks in the darkness, plotting violent acts of sabotage that threaten to shatter the fragile equilibrium of the human race. Dan discovers betrayal and conspiracy among the trusted Moîrai, and a complex battle ensues to control the scarcest and most powerful of resources. When the line between trust and suspicion blurs, Dan and his people engage in the dangerous hunt for the clandestine predators or the humans will find themselves once again on the brink of destruction.


Author with Booktrope Publishing; Member of SFWA - SF & F Writers of America

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  • 2014 Award Winner Readers' Favourite International Book Awards in SF
  • Winner of PRG 2013 Reviewer's Choice Award in SF Series
B. Howard - Readers' Favorite
This is an excellent sci-fi thriller which is not only well thought out and very imaginative, but thrilling and captivating as well.
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