On The Other Hand

A straight from the shoulder look at life in which I ask some awkward questions; such as, ‘Who am I?’, ‘Where did I come from?’, ‘What am I doing here?’ and ‘Why do we resist change?’ If at this point you’re tempted to flick through this book looking for the answers, save yourself the trouble - you won’t find any. This isn’t a book of answers - it’s a book of self-reflective questions that have fascinated me all of my life. Reflecting on them has given new meaning and purpose to my life and changed not only the way I see the world, but the way I see you too. When we change our mind … we also change our world.


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About Renée Paule

I'm English (whatever that means) living in Ireland (wherever that is).

My view on life changed dramatically following a profound experience when I realised the connection between me and the Universe; there's no separation. I could no longer accept at face value the world I'd once thought of as the norm.

One of the reasons I wrote 'On The Other Hand' is that I wish to share my experience and show how a change of perspective can provide an alternative to the topsy-turvy world that Humanity, on the whole, accepts as its inevitable way of life. Another reason is that when I began to question my existence and wanted to break free from the destructive patterns in my life, I couldn’t find what I needed - down-to-earth hard truths about Humanity and the world we live in - not a plaster for my wounds.

My second book 'Just Around the Bend: Más o Menos' is now published. This book includes 14 beautiful illustrations of a character I created and call Dilly. Dilly is a 'thought form' that thinks. Visit my website for more information. Dilly illustrations are not available in my ebooks.

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