Nowhere Yet

When Rex calls after years of being incommunicado, his best friend Grant is hesitant to accept his invitation. Just like the old days, Rex knows the buttons to push. He has invited Annie, the woman Grant thought he was going to marry. Former friends and lost loves reconnect on a long, lively, and soul searching weekend in Palm Springs. Each discovering they hold hopes long forgotten, each carrying fears that the best times of their lives may have already passed by. The mending of emotional fences take them further than they thought possible. Rekindled feelings and new awakenings show them some paths not previously considered. After all these years, all these lives, all this time, is it possible that the best of their lives is yet to come?

All agree to meet, and sparks of longing, anger, uncertainty and love combine to commence considerable flames burning in all of them. The introduction of some new personalities to the mix, give them additional perspectives to ponder.

Annie's friend Kat, gives her wisdom to help stabilize the situation. An intuitive, Isobelle, meets and gives the wayward friends a great deal to think about in how they are to address the future.

Grant's aching for Annie, Rex's hunger for crazy adventures, Annie's longing for a normal life, and Isobelle's sudden attraction to Grant, make for an exciting mingling of everyone's emotions, and the hopes of a future void of the uncertainty they have all been holding.

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Edward Cozza lived the first half of his life (so far) in Colorado, and has split the second half of his life on the West Coast of Florida, and now Southern California. He worked in the business-to-business corporate world in Colorado, Florida and Southern California (for far too many years to count), until he decided it was time to meet the voices in his head. Those voices turned out to be the main characters for his debut novel of contemporary fiction, Nowhere Yet, book one of a three book trilogy. Nowhere Yet, Won an Independent Publishers(IPPY) Gold Medal for Best Regional Fiction, and 3 Beverly Hills Book Awards. Nowhere Yet looks at reconnection, reunion, redemption, and being mindful of the time one is in. His second installment of the series is will be out early summer 2014. He has enjoyed a speaking tour around the US with Nowhere Yet, and plans the same for book 2.

To follow the notion of being mindful, he loves to get together with friends to share his near overwhelming passion for fine food, great wine, and smooth bourbon. He has traveled four continents, favoring North America, and is eight states shy of tramping in all fifty of the United States (and eight MLB ball parks shy of all 30). He mostly loves all the magnificent places his wife and dogs lead him.

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