Not Being First Fish and other diary dramas

MySpace is what we had before we discovered Facebook and began driving our young folk into the darker recesses of Instagram and WhatsApp, before everyone became a musician and flooded us with band noises of variable quality, and just before the whole thing collapsed under the weight of animated glitter bombs. These snippets are drawn from that recent past. They are largely true if a little fictionalised, (very fictionalised if you think you recognise yourself), and of virtually no social value. You might find them a bit funny though because obviously I do.

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About Suzanne Conboy-Hill

Dr Suzanne Conboy-Hill is a past psychologist, Lascaux Short Fiction, Flash Fiction Chronicles, Pen2Paper, Mash Stories Finalist, and Best of the Net nominee. Her stories – some SF, some speculative, and some based in grim realism -  have been published by Zouch Magazine, Ether Books, Full of Crow, Fine Linen, and the Lascaux 2014 anthology amongst others. Writing as P. Spencer-Beck, Not Being First Fish is available from Amazon, Lulu, and Barnes & Noble. Her second, Let Me Tell You a Story - an anthology of short fiction and poetry -  is also now available from the same outlets. She lives in the UK; this is her website

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