How Determination And God Gave Me A Better Look at Life

Jenny Maher, not only shares  the struggles she endured growing  up with abuse and neglect at home and in foster homes, but with a mental illness. Diagnosed with Bipolar, depression, and BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) to name a few, Jenny cut to ease the emotional pain.

At 21, Jenny was shot in the mouth with a 45mm. by a police officer after calling 911 for support. Jenny spent 6 months in jail, charged with attempted murder and assault.

At 34, Jenny Maher felt so alone after her mom disowned her that she tried taking her own life by over-dosing, only to wake up in the ER  3 days later paralyzed from the neck down. Jenny’s goals no matter what her therapists told her was to push herself in a manual chair and live independently.

Having no family or friends for support Jenny was forced to live in a nursing home where she dealt with abuse and neglect that led to life threatening infections.

Through Jenny’s own perseverance  she risked her life to start over, flying alone with only two backpacks to a specialized VA. Where she not only became stronger physically and mentally to live independently, but spiritually.

Jenny was able to find strength in Faith. She learned to Trust in a God she knew nothing about for guidance and forgiveness. A story that is truly inspirational.


  1. How to describe “Never Give Up”, other than say it is by far one of the most engaging, engrossing books I’ve read in a long time! I have already loaned it to my mother to read, and my sister is after her (it is right up their alley…) The author Jenny Maher pulls us in to the story right from the beginning pages (which set the tone for the rest of this dramatic, provocative book), and skillfully narrates a wide-ranging storyline full of complex and deeply emotional issues. In my opinion it really her personal and spiritual journey that made this story so good, so conflicted, yet so strong… we really feel for her and pull for her to get through some of it. I was worried in a few places! It’s humbling to realize how much we take for granted every day and I have so much respect for Jenny. Not only for her service to the country, but continuing to serve through God by sharing her story so that it can help others. A memorable read and a keeper for sure. (5 stars) Kaylee Stevens— Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
    1. How to describe this book by Jenny Maher, other than say it is by far one of the engaging and unique books I’ve read in a long time! It is a true story/a memoir, and this is one emotional rollercoaster following her unorthodox and ultimately inspiring life. Jenny Maher pulls us in to the story right from the opening pages as she introduces us to her life and her circumstances, and skillfully narrates a wide-ranging storyline full of complex and deeply emotional, and sometimes shocking, issues. In my opinion it is the way we root for her as she goes through her personal journey that really makes it stand out for me. Relatable and sympathetic, even though her life is totally different from mine. And it is so refreshing to see her faith in God thorough all her ups and downs. A memorable read and a keeper for sure. Well-written, engaging, and the ending was perfect. Enjoyed it much more than I expected to. Recommend. (5 stars) Steph Coleman— Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
      1. Okay, wow…. So be prepared to feel the feels with this one! Obviously from the title and description we know this is going to be a heavy book… and it is, but in a strangely uplifting Yes, it’s sad… very much so. And what the author Jenny Maher has endured in her life is almost unbelievable, from jail, to attempted suicide, to PTSD/depression… and that’s not even including becoming paralyzed! So much to go through, and but the story she tells of her life and all the ups and down and her journey and her process afterwards, including finding God again, is nothing short of amazing. A candid look into the life of an extraordinary woman who refused to let the worst parts of her life define her, and in “Never Giving Up” will inspire others to do the same. A recommended read, and I’d like to thank the author for sharing her experience with us and reminding us all just how precious life can be. (5 stars) Essie Harmon— Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
        1. It is hard to imagine anything tougher than losing the ability to move, especially so young. That in of itself would be a huge hurdle to overcome in life, but that is only a part of Jenny Maher’s jaw-dropping story. I read this book cover to cover in two nights, I was so riveted by everything she’d been through. I had tears more than once and got mad a few times too. She does such an amazing job of letting us into her world for a while and really letting us walk a mile in her shoes and in her head, through the good, the bad, and the really bad. So many people would have given up just dealing with a fraction of what Jenny went through, but she perseveres through the darkest of imaginable times. This book, “Never Give Up” provides a delicate and real look at the stages she went through (before and) after losing her ability to walk. A remarkable journey of courage and strength told by a remarkable person. I can see this memoir really helping others who are going through the same thing, or at least provide some understanding for others who are going through it on some level, even if not paralyzed, anyone who has faced tragedy in their lives. Well-written and poignant, “Never Give Up” by Jenny Maher was a moving and inspiring tale of survival. I laughed, I cried, I smiled… and in the end I felt privileged for having been able to be a part of this amazing journey. Recommend. (5 stars) Sam Ryan— Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
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Growing up in San Fernando Valley, at 18 I joined the Air Force stationed at Andrews AFB, Maryland. Medically discharged for Bipolar disorder I moved to Denver, Colorado. living in my own place in Richmond, Virginia I continue to  work to help be a spokesman to help other.  I paint as much as I can and hope to open a studio.

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