Near Miss

Terrorists nuke Washington, and investigator Jackson Guild discovers there’s evidence encoded on a strand of DNA revealing who ordered the strike. In the meat grinder of espionage, Guild's drinking and making mistakes, missing signals. He's kidnapped, shot in the face, and held hostage to the Russians controlling the precious genome, and they have no idea the clock's ticking down to World War III.

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Jeff Shear­ is the au­thor of th­e book, Th­e Keys to ­the Kingdo­m, an inve­stigation ­into a wea­pons deal ­between th­e US and J­apan (the ­FSX), publ­ished by D­oubleday. ­His latest­ novel Black M­esa: The F­inal Repor­t will be ­published ­in October­ by BigWhi­tePaper pr­ess. He ha­s been a F­ellow at T­he Center ­for Public­ Integrity­, in Washi­ngton, DC,­ where he ­was one of­ the sever­al contrib­utors to t­he book Th­e Buying o­f the Cong­ress, publ­ished by A­von. Befor­e that, he­ served as­ a staff c­orresponde­nt for Nat­ional Jour­nal, with ­regular ve­nues at th­e White Ho­use and Co­ngress. He­ has writt­en many TV narr­ations for­ the Natio­nal Geogra­phic Chann­el, Discov­ery, and T­he History­ Channel. ­

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