Two extraordinary dreams. Two ambitious men.

One will receive adulation and support. The other will be denied.

Daniel Walker remains haunted by first contact as a child with a merciless alien race. The experience left him orphaned, emotionally scarred and reluctantly famous. Years later, with Earth nearing its death throes, he embraces that fame to fulfill a promise he made to complete his parents' mission to colonize a new world.  Daniel is prepared to face the aliens again, but never expects that the steepest hurdles will come from a threat far closer to home.

Cadmon Dhyre, a brilliant nanotechnologist, bears the disfiguring scars of a man-made plague. An orphan himself, he dedicates his life to developing a cure for the deadly nanogen infecting him and millions more. Using artificially intelligent nanobots to reinvent himself and wipe away any evidence of disease could win him a prestige rivaling Daniel's, but it could also change the very definition of what it means to be human. Those who recognize the danger would keep him from obtaining the resources he needs. Embittered and jealous, Cadmon takes a dark treacherous path to fulfill his ambitions even if it means destroying those who would oppose him, most especially Daniel.

Their rivalry risks the wrath of an alien world and the end of humanity. A creature caught in the middle may have the answers, but only if she can remember who she was and deal with what she has become.

NanoMorphosis is a suspenseful work of science fiction. If you like intricate world-building, near-future technology, and multi-layered characters, you’ll love Marla L. Anderson’s compelling new novel.


Readers are saying...

“'NanoMorphosis' by Marla L. Anderson is a fascinating read."

"[A] hidden gem. It's intelligent, satisfying, and well-written."

"This is a unique and imaginative sci-fi tale driven by realistic characters. Marla L. Anderson has the ability to make extraordinary situations feel believable and is skilled in painting a chilling future that explores the best and worst of humanity.... A definite must-read for sci-fi fans."

Critics are saying...

"...well-paced throughout, effectively addressing the dangers of nanobots, for instance, without losing sight of the controversies surrounding space travel. The story offers much excitement...A thoroughly creative tale..." -- Kirkus Reviews 

"beautifully written ... will be a thrill for fans of sci-fi and readers who love multilayered characters ... enticing and intelligently crafted ... I was completely absorbed."
 - Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite



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About Marla L. Anderson

Marla L. Anderson is the author of the novels "NanoMorphosis," and "The Cost of Living: A Life for a Life," as well as numerous short stories. Her specialties are science fiction, fantasy, horror and suspense. Her love of fiction began at an early age and she started writing her own soon after. She and her family live on the edge of the Cleveland National Forest enjoying the native wildlife, and occasionally fending off rattlesnakes and marauding coyotes. Readers are invited to visit her website:

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