My NDE beneath the SEA (2nd Printing/New Edition)

The Near Death Afterlife Experience of Michael William AngelOh

(2nd Printing/New Edition) I do not know if the publishing of these manuscripts, on the 50th Anniversary of my drowning episode, or NDE (Near Death Experience) on August 28, 1966 or simply; "0828", in Santa Cruz, California, was timed by me unconsciously, or if it’s just a coincidence that this year’s 50th NDE Anniversary, just happens to be on a Sunday, the same day it occurred, exactly fifty years ago, to the day. Perhaps, it’s simply a piece of the synchronicity puzzle. A larger picture, I am not yet quite fully aware exists. I’d rather believe however, that it may be a fortuitous destiny, whose timing has turned out to be, as it is. From the exposure I’ve had with other NDE reports, I can safely say, my own personal experience, seemed to have gone well beyond, many of the near death stages I have read about. Yes, ever since my NDE in 1966, I’ve heard voices and seen visions, that might otherwise be considered to be, abnormal. These voices I commune with on a daily basis, have both faces and personalities connected to them. The reason I know this is because I got to meet them during my NDE. I was able to hear them and see their faces, and so was able to recognize them in the same way, I would recognize a friend or family member. They are quite large, seven in number, and are some eight to ten feet in height. They have wings, and are Beings of the purest Light, I have ever seen. I have since come to know them as my very own, “Guardian Angels”. I will describe them in greater detail later in this manuscript, and will be referring to them in these writings as: “The Heaven Seven”.

To then leave a campfire of personal discovery, and intimate revelations burning for others to see, acknowledge, and utilize, on their own sacred travels along the path of the Spiritual Life. This then is the calling I have received some fifty plus years, after my NDE. Seems like such a long time ago, but then again, it also seems, it has been timeless. If you've ever wondered what your last day on earth might be like, read on my friend. My name is; Michael William AngelOh, and this is my own true, and personal, NDE story, which has been transcribed directly from my own; Personal Diaries, which I have entitled; "My NDE beneath the SEA".


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About Michael William AngelOh

Michael William AngelOh lives on the Northshore of Oahu, Hawaii and has lived in the Hawaiian Islands for some thirty-five years. Michael taught Yoga, Meditation, Acupressure Massage and classes in the Healing Arts for some ten years in the Bay Area of California. This will be Michael’s first Internationally distributed publication on the subject of his: Near Death Experience or NDE, celebrating it's 50th Anniversary, to the day. Michael has also produced his first domestic digital Music Album release under the new Music genre he has coined as: “Devotional Fusion Music”. His latest Music Album entitled: “Sacred Hearts Afire”, is his first new CD Album production in some twenty years. Currently posted as #2 on the Inspirational Music Charts, it features Songs written and adapted from classic Biblical Scriptures including the title track: “The Lord’s Prayer”. These days Michael lives with his beloved wife, Suzanna AngelOh, publishes his weekly “Hawaiian Words of Wisdom” and “Sacred Sunday Words of Wisdom”, on Social Media and writes somewhat seclusively about, Hawaiian Island Life, Christian Mysticism, Spiritual Ascension and the Global Healing Arts.

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