My Mummy is a Plumber

Shortlisted - Rubery Book Awards (2016)

Introducing children to the enjoyable world of Plumbing, through fun rhyme and colourful illustrations.

In this story, Mummy always saves the day with her plumbing skills! Follow this child’s journey as his mum, a Plumber, helps Mrs Platt from the upstairs flat, who’s nail goes through a pipe, and Suzy pane from Chudberry Lane, who’s toilet had got blocked!

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Glo on 12 March 2016 (Amazon Review)
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About Kerrine Bryan

By brother and sister duo Kerrine Bryan and Jason Bryan.
Co-Author Kerrine is a chartered electrical engineer, author and is the founder of Butterfly Books. She has a passion for inspiring the young, introducing them to the career options available to them and ensuring gender equality in all fields of work.

She has won multiple awards for her work as an engineer and also for inspiring the next generation.

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