My Extraordinary Life

My Extraordinary Life is an inspirational, heartwarming and motivational anthology revealing a challenging journey of my life. I was born missing both legs and one arm, likely the result of thalidomide.

This is the story of my life from birth through childhood, artificial limbs, surgeries, high school, college, employment, dating, marriage, and everything in between. There are discussions on what not to do when you meet a disabled person and how to react when children awkwardly point. I offer some observations on how to get through days that are not so fun. This book will show readers how living with disability is simply a lifestyle—it doesn’t make one courageous, brave, or heroic. Disabled people are very good at knowing what they can and cannot do. Knowing these limitations helps one look at the bright side of things and make life meaningful and useful. Readers will learn how to embrace life’s trials and pains because, quite simply, there really is no alternative. This book evokes the true meaning of hope and endurance. It also expresses positivity and acceptance.

My Extraordinary Life is a deeply inspirational non-fiction book that is very well written, eloquent and confident, offering a great spiritual adventure. Readers of all ages will surely be delighted and inspired through the expressive and enlightening pages of this book.


“Readers may never look at a handicapped person the same way again.”  (Writer’s Digest Book Review)


“Anyone with a disability should be aware of this book and know how to purchase it for friends.”   (San Francisco Book Review)


“… should be required reading for lawmakers and those involved with regulations regarding disabilities.”  (Los Angeles Book Review)


“… epic story of a very ordinary, yet truly extraordinary, life that will enhance every reader’s perception of a disability.”   (Royal Dragonfly Book Review)


“It’s not what people expect in a story, or in a book.”  (Paris Book Review)


“… compelling narrative will alter everyone’s perspective who reads it.”  (San Francisco Book Review)


Excellent story telling.”  (Paris Book Review)


“… an uplifting story that will help people with their own troubles find ways to overcome them.”  (New York Book Review)


“… in the league with “Still Me” By Christopher Reeve, or “Diving Bell and the Butterfly” by JD Bauby.” (Great Southeast Book Review)


“…would make for compelling film… would attract actors and filmmakers.  “My Left Foot” comes to mind, the film that launched Daniel Day Lewis’s career.” (Los Angeles Book Review)


“A touching look at the effect of stereotypical attitudes on the disabled.”  (Kirkus Review)


“… an easy-to-read, well-written, inspirational, uplifting book …one for all ages to enjoy.”  (Readers Favorite Book Review)


“… the kind of book that should be in rehab and physical therapy waiting rooms.”  (San Francisco Book Review)


“… difficult, if not impossible, to put down.”  (Writer’s Digest Book Review)

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About Monica Vickers

I was born in Kansas in 1954. I was born missing both legs and my right arm, likely the result of thalidomide. I was raised in Nebraska, graduated from Syracuse High School in 1972 and from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1976. I traveled from Nebraska to California after college and found a job as a medical transcriptionist one month later. I worked in the medical transcription field for 40+ years as a transcriptionist, proofer, business owner, mentor, quality coach and instructor. I retired in late 2014.

I married my husband, Mike, in 1989. We celebrated our 25th anniversary in October 2014.

My hobbies include jigsaw puzzles, embroidery, television and shopping. Some of my favorite TV shows include Grey’s Anatomy, CSI (all, including Cyber), Criminal Minds, Everybody Loves Raymond, Survivor and the Amazing Race.

I am currently working on our family tree.


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