My Children His Victims

Swayed by her friend to go on a blind date with Louis, Johanna goes thinking ‘one night stand’, but smitten by his charms, and against every one of her rational principles, she comes back thinking ‘forever’. Taking their relationship to the next level, is just as easy, and as fast as it started, but soon Johanna learns, that what she thought she loved, never really existed. Johanna’s ‘happily ever after’ starts to crumble, with their first unplanned pregnancy, when her once promising future, is gradually reduced to a life of abuse and deceit, but born in a family, where divorce only happens to other people, she clings to her marriage, and tries to brush off an encroaching feeling of doom. A decisive blow, to their already thin matrimonial ice rink however, comes when Louis’ anger swings towards their children. Johanna files for divorce, and what started as a beautiful relationship, turns into complete chaos, because Louis is not the forgiving type, and he’s not about to let her go, without punishment. Unfortunately, their children are the only means to deliver his ultimate punch. Overwhelmed with emotions, Johanna must find a way to save her children from harm’s way, while piecing together her own shattered life, but crossing Louis for the second time, means she could flunk both. Will she take the risk and succeed, or will she lose everything near, and dear to her heart?

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Ica Iova is the author of several books--two of which are award winners. She Never Got To Say Goodbye, won bronze at World's Best Story, 2015, and Boundaries, was a finalist at WBS, 2014.

Ica writes what she enjoys reading. In her novels, she brings to life powerful, gripping relationships and fascinating characters to whom readers can relate.

A former Examiner at, Ica is also an avid reader and because of that, a Reader's Choice Official Reviewer. When she is not writing, editing, or marketing, she's a proud wife, mother, and grandmother, with a substantial sense of humor. She loves spending time with her family and pets, shopping for shoes, or just lazing around with a good book.

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