Mr. Pete, Where Are Your Feet?

Mr. Pete, a beautiful blue parakeet always hears his mom asking him where his feet are. After a while, he starts to wonder himself and goes out looking for them.


"Mr. Pete, Where are Your Feet is a darling children's book by Katherine Bartlett. It is the story of Mr. Pete, a blue parakeet, who is frequently greeted by his mother with the words "where are your feet." He wonders if his feet are missing, and starts to search for them. Mr. Pete quickly discovers that he is quite different from all of the birds around him. Just when he begins to feel awful about himself, he hears a very special message from his mother: that she loves him just the way that he is.

This delightful story uses rhyming phrases, and simple words, so that even the youngest reader, or listener, will readily retain the message. It can be used as a fabulous tool to teach children, as well as remind adults, that physical differences should not present a barrier to loving each other. We can love others just the way that they are."

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About Katherine Bartlett

Katherine Bartlett is a bird lover extraordinaire, with parrots and even a Pekin duck that reside with her. She has always had a love for animals and has more than just birds including dogs, fish and a lizard. Katherine currently lives in the southeast where she home-schools her daughter and works from home as an author.

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