Months From Now

Our Imminent Future
Months From Now

Months from now… 

After 'an event’ takes down the power grid a teen and his two sisters struggle to survive. Facing hostile elements and authorities they venture to find their missing sister and get to safer territory. Along the way they make friends, find love and join a resistance movement while attempting to uncover the mysterious forces threatening them all.

Step into our imminent future with a dystopian tale that takes place just months from now.

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"escape from witch mountain meets independence day"

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About Tom Schneider

Tom Schneider has written several screenplays and published numerous articles. Months from Now is his first novel and the first book in the Our Imminent Future series.

Tom studied philosophy and fine arts (painting) while at Hampshire College. His artwork has been shown across the country from Vermont to Texas. He lives in New Jersey with his three kids and one violent kitty.

He is currently working on the followup to Months From Now.

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