Moments of Clarity

A collection of humorous essays about the simple life of a farm wife from middle America. These short stories will make you chuckle and touch your heart. Enjoy these stories about childhood, family and life.


Gina'shomespun words of life lessons and nostalgia fill me with a cookies-and-milk warmth and make me crave smothering hugs. "Filling the Void" in particular made me wish that memory was my own. This author can make you so happy to be breathing and smiling. She's found her niche.

C.Hope Clark, award-winning author of The Caroline Slade Mysteries and The EdistoIsland Mysteries.

September 14, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition
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About Gina Barlean

G. M. Barlean lives in rural Nebraska with her patient husband and a herd of feral cats.

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