Mission to Morocco

1944 – Colonel Ferdinand Hecht, who poses as a consular diplomat stationed in Casablanca, French Morocco, is in reality an SS officer with the Gestapo’s SD Afrika Intelligence Group. He directs a network of French spies reporting on American navy blimps operating from their Port Lyautey base against U-boats prowling the Straits of Gibraltar and coastal French Morocco.
America’s wartime intelligence agency the OSS is handed the task of dismantling the network and Lieutenant Sam Bradford arrives aboard a blimp of the Navy’s Africa Squadron to kidnap its suspected leader and transport him to London for interrogation. Under cover as a war correspondent, Bradford’s dogged investigation reveals a trail of local townspeople whose counterfeit demeanor masks their true allegiance to the Nazi spymaster. Intrigue, deception, and willful betrayal plunges the American lieutenant into a vortex of lies as the tentacles of the spy ring are uncovered, while embarking on a brief love affair with one of the suspects in the depraved Moroccan paradise.
Rich with atmosphere and period detail, the intrigue is played out against the northwest coastal town of Port Lyautey on the Sebou River where, in the dusty streets and alleys and in the byzantine Medina of this small colonial seaside town, the French influence is evident, but the compelling force is Arabic and overwhelming.


"Mission to Moscow" definitely whetted my appetite to sample other J.R. Rogers historical thrillers. The book is wonderfully researched, intricately plotted and full of exotic local color. Equally impressive is Rogers' detailing of day-to-day OSS espionage operations in North Africa in the half-year following D-Day. Having done some research in these areas myself (in connection with my own WW2 Moroccan-based thriller), I can testify that Rogers has done his homework in depth; in fact, I was completely unaware of the U.S. Navy's Africa Squadron based in Port Lyautey, employing blimps in anti-U-boat warfare. The transatlantic journey of Rogers' hero in one of these leviathans of the sky was thrilling to read, as was the young officer's induction and training in the OSS and subsequent adventures and misadventures on his "Mission to Morocco." A must-read for devotees of WW2 espionage thrillers!" —Dan Pollock

"If you thought WW2 spy stories have been done to death…think again! MISSION TO MOROCCO is a 5-star must read." —Sterling Gate Books

"A great story." —Amazon customer

"Good suspense and intrigue regarding the Middle East. Enjoyed the writing style." —Amazon customer

"Compelling thriller." —Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

"Cloak and dagger at the end of the War." —Scott Skipper


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About JR Rogers

J.R. Rogers is a literary historical thriller novelist of espionage and foreign intrigue.

He is also a prolific short story writer a number of which have been published in various literary publications and/or online sites. Besides writing fiction his interests include art, culture, gender equality, indie film, and photography.

Over the years the peripatetic author has held a number of positions including working at a Washington, DC government relations firm, an international efficiency consultancy (he spent two years in Quebec, Canada, and at various locations in the United States), and finally as a writer with a Los Angeles-based aerospace defense contractor.

An avid reader he holds a B.A. in French literature from Georgia Southern University – Armstrong Campus, studied information management at The American University and short story writing at the University of California, Irvine, Division of Continuing Education.

He has lived in Canada, Europe and West Africa and now lives with his partner in southern California.

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