Missing Remnants

Detective Track is running out of time. His attitude has landed him a suspension. With his career is on the brink of destruction, he is dragged into an investigation the Authority tried to close. Remnants, the survivors of the recent outbreak are now considered to be a drain on society. Only their families care they are disappearing one by one.

With just a few friends to call on for assistance, Track is manipulated into a life or death situation.

His apartment is ransacked, he’s followed and attacked. Medication and cryptic messages from someone he knows to be dead threaten his grip on reality.

Has he spent too many nights in conversation with Ethan the space station’s robot barman? Why did someone dismantle Track’s pet robot dog, Banyon?

Is Track losing his mind or is something more sinister at play? The truth is more twisted than he ever imagined.


"The world building was excellent. From the very first paragraph, I was completely immersed in the highly regimented and futuristic society that Detective Track lived in." -LAS  Reviewer

"Love everything about this book. Love the story, the characters. DJ Cooper writes in such a way that you feel like you know the characters and they have been a part of your life since...forever. Track, a disaffected cop is taken off his duties and he is not happy about it. Recently widowed, he is not happy with all this time on his hands and with people dropping dead literary at his feet, he knows something nefarious is going on. He must rely on his friends, a collection of human and robots to help him solve the mystery of what is going on. Whether is a space station or a small town in Cleveland, the stories have characters who drive the plot and the film noir patina give them depth and diversity. Fresh, fun, and a pleasure to read." -Carole P. Roman

"Those who like science fiction stories will find plenty to enjoy in the basic plot, which provides layers of "what the heck is going on" embedded in action. They will also like the juxtaposition of human with robot, and all the foibles that can reveal, particularly when one or the other is functioning less than optimally. Those who like humor will enjoy the outer and inner dialogue with which the characters interact. As an added bonus, those who like seeing someone act heroically on behalf of those less fortunate will find themselves cheering by the end of the story." -Amazon reviewer

"This story is full of diverse characters and takes place entirely on a futuristic space station. Track is a detective with The Authority who gets put on 3 months leave. While the workaholic tries to figure out his next step, a mysterious woman asks for his help then dies on his doorstep. Now he must solve a mystery his superiors seem to want kept quiet.

I liked how the author worked in diversity without forcing huge political statements or slowing the narrative. The book moves quickly, filled with twists from the investigation and futuristic tech, but not enough to overwhelm readers. Track is a likable character for the good he does despite how hard he works to push people away. The story puts the reader in his head, which shows the author has a quirky sense of humor I found refreshing." -C.B


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Living and working in South East England, DJ Cooper is an author of science fiction with a flair for humour and the bizarre. A wife, mother and business owner, she splits her time between many things, rarely completing anything. You can follow her at and where random thoughts are regularly unleashed onto an unsuspecting public.

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