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Memoirs of the Mausoleum

Gallows Humor

To some, the idea of committing horrendous acts of violence and cruelty against another human being is repulsive. To others, it is a regrettable occurrence, a last resort but always an option. And for a select few, it’s a hobby.

Locations where a horrifying crime or crimes have occurred are known as “haunted” places. They are relatively harmless, miserable, but lacking any real danger. Ghosts can’t hurt you, after all.

The same cannot be said for a Revenant. When a person dies in a haunted place, he or she can be resurrected by the spirits inhabiting that physical space and become a paranormal entity with bizarre, lethal superhuman abilities based on the nature of their death. Because of these terrifying powers a Revenant gains upon resurrection, humans struggle to keep them contained in the Mausoleum, a prison designed to contain them and create revenue for scientific research by forcing Revenants to participate in brutal death matches.

Naïve young intern Roman Sheer enters this twisted world searching for a purpose in life, but he soon receives more than he ever expected when a long-time resident, the violent, mentally unstable Revenant number Ten, massacres several employees. But during the incident, Ten unexpectedly spares Roman's life, prompting the Mausoleum director to reassign Roman to his case. Roman soon learns that he shares a complicated past with Ten, one which he mysteriously cannot remember. As he attempts to piece together his own past and learn more about Ten, the other Revenants, and the meaning of their existence, he struggles with his perceptions of morality as he descends into the chaotic world of the undead.


Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

Memoirs of the Mausoleum: Gallows Humor by K.L. Somniate is an intense and dark tale of an undead being and a human, who share a connection that goes beyond common sense. Revenants were once humans, but when they died where ghosts reside, they are resurrected and given powers beyond the control of anyone. The only way to control them is by placing them in a Mausoleum where they are contained to aid scientific research. All the revenants in captivity have to fight death matches for this purpose.

An intern, Roman Sheer, was searching for a purpose in life, so he joined this world. However, he got more than he bargained for when he comes into contact with Revenant 10, the undead being who is uncontrollable and extremely violent. He claimed the lives of several employees but spared Roman. When Roman is assigned Ten's case, he discovers that they have a connection, but there is a catch. Roman cannot remember it. There is a lot more to the world of the undead than meets the eye. Can Roman discover his past and protect his sanity at the same time?

I must make it clear that horror is not really my cup of tea or the genre of my choice. It is way too intimidating for me, but there was something about this novel that grabbed my attention. So I started to read it, and once I started, I could not stop myself. The story is very thrilling and invigorating. You cannot help but be sucked into this twisted world where the writer makes you a part of the team. The word choices, the atmosphere, and the characters were very strong. This is how horror should be written. Definitely a five-star novel!

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