J.B. tried her hand at writing children's stories in her twenties, but with working a full time job and with her daughter's school actives, time was at a premium and writing was placed on the back burner. Demands on her time are less these days, and J.B. has found that she now has the freedom required to devote to writing....her true passion.
J.B. had her first book published in 2010. Deadly Shamrocks is an Irish tale of romance, murder and revenge. The heroine, Vivian Clancy is a female assassin who seeks revenge on all those who have wronged her. Every woman's fantasy. Two additional books in the Deadly Shamrocks series is Deadly Shamrocks II - It's All Relative, and Deadly Shamrocks III - Blood Ties.  J.B. also has written a ghost/mystery novel titled Dark Reminiscence.  All of her books are available on Amazon.com.