A Foothold in Life

The lives of Cielo, a sex-worker, and Angie, a bureaucrat, briefly but antagonistically intersect in Manila. Several years later Angie seeks the help of Cielo, but neither are aware now of who the other is. They both come to realize that each has barely a foothold in life and that they both want the same things: family, love, respect, dignity. In their respective struggles to attain these, each girl recognizes the other as fundamentally mabait (good at heart).

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About Paul W Mathews

Dr. Paul Mathews is a Sociologist & an Anthropologist with 30 years research & teaching in Asian studies, esp. in Philippine society & culture. He has served as the Managing Editor of Pilipinas: A Journal of Philippine Studies, & is current Secretary of the Philippines Studies Assoc of Aust.

Dr. Mathews has authored numerous books, both fiction and non-fiction, & academic papers. He operates the Warrior Publishers indie.

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