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Peter Robertson, 33, discovers his wife is cheating on him. Following her suspected boyfriend one night, he erupts into a rage, beats him and leaves him to die... or so he thought. Soon he discovers that he has killed the wrong man - a perfect stranger.

Six months later, impaneled on a jury, he realizes that the murder being tried is the one he committed. After wrestling with his conscience, he works hard to convince the jury to acquit the accused man. But the prosecution's case is strong as the accused man had both motive and opportunity to commit the murder. As the pressure builds, Peter begins to slip up and reveal things that only the murderer would know - and Christine, a pretty and intelligent alternate juror, suspects something is amiss.

Meanwhile, Peter's wife leaves him, his mother suffers a series of debilitating strokes, and his best friend and employee, accused of sexual harassment, needs Peter's help that he's too preoccupied to give. As jurors one by one declare their intention to convict, Peter's conscience eats away at him and he careens toward nervous breakdown, revealing details about the crime that had not been disclosed in court.

"Lying in Judgment" is a gripping courtroom thriller about a good man's search for redemption for his tragic, fatal mistake, pitted against society's search for justice.

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“Gary Corbin’s first novel, Lying in Judgement, is sure to enchant mystery readers, as well as having them beg for more. This story will make the reader’s stomach clench, like his protagonist, Peter. Without divulging too much, the emotional turmoil Peter goes through while serving on a jury, involving a murder he knows the defendant did not commit, will have you reaching for anything to calm your nerves. Corbin’s attention to even the smallest detail, as well as its nerve-wracking expositions will make you squirm. Lying in Judgement carries the reader through twists and turns to an ultimate startling collision with reality. The tale will spark the darkest thoughts in the mind of the reader, giving way to that trite phrase, “This could happen to me.” Warning: if you are reading this novel in bed, plan on having a sleepless night.”

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About Gary Corbin

Gary Corbin is a writer, actor, and playwright in Camas, WA, a suburb of Portland, OR. His first novel, Lying in Judgment, is available in print and ebook form. A second novel, The Mountain Man's Dog, is expected in mid-2016.

Gary's creative and journalistic work has been published in BrainstormNW, the Portland Tribune, The Oregonian, and Global Envision, among others. His plays have enjoyed critical acclaim, and his acting ain't bad, either.

Gary is a member of PDX Playwrights, the Portland Area Theater Alliance, the Willamette Writers Group and the North Bank Writers Workshop, and participates in workshops and conferences in the Portland, Oregon area.

A homebrewer as well as a maker of wine, mead, cider, and soft drinks, Gary is a member of the Oregon Brew Crew and a BJCP National Beer Judge. He loves to ski, cook, and garden, and hopes someday to train his dogs to obey. And when that doesn't work, he escapes to the Oregon coast with his sweetheart.

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