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In a dystopian future, online gaming is the ultimate escape… until one corporation gives a few lucky players the chance to play their favorite sword and sorcery game live and in person on a distant planet. In the inaugural Øtherworld campaign, the winners will face monsters, magic, warriors, dragons, and betrayal as they quest to find a weapon capable of stopping the dreaded Firelord and his armies. For one lowly janitor-turned-alchemical adventurer, the stakes are much higher. Someone wants him very, very dead. And in a world where no one is who they seem to be, Jarrod Luckbane has no idea who he can trust. Everything is NOT under control.


Reader's Favorite 5 Star Review - "Luckbane is the first installment in the exciting Otherworld series by Tony Breeden.

As a fan of role playing games and even a long time fan of TSR products, Luckbane is definitely the type of novel that I want to read. The premise of the story is exciting and refreshing to me. The short lengths of the chapters, which are also divided in parts, make the pacing fast but comfortable to read. I see no flaws in author Tony Breeden's high level writing style. The dialogues are strong and witty, and the protagonist Jarrod is the flawed hero of this story that you would easily root for. The plot is excellent; it does feel like you are playing your favorite RPG while reading.

There is a lot of thrilling action which does not involve heavy or disturbing violence and the language used is fairly clean. That being said, both young and mature readers will definitely enjoy Luckbane and would want to follow the Otherworld series. The combination of sci-fi and fantasy elements are potent. Any RPG enthusiast would not want to miss this one."

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Tony Breeden is an author, illustrator, vocalist, creation speaker, apologist and Gospel preacher from West Virginia. He is the founder of, and He got the writing bug as a child when his late aunt Sharon helped him make his very first book about dinosaurs, vigorously illustrated in crayon. His first book, Johnny Came Home, was published on September 28, 2012. You can find out more about his books at, on Amazon, and on Facebook.

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