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Lovers and Madmen

The boundary between love and insanity is as thin as a paper cut and just as uncomfortable for the members of a Not-So-Traditional American family forging their way through small town life and relationships in the early 1970s. Seventeen year old Beverly Patterson is discovering that her amorous adventures with Warren, her long-term boyfriend of six weeks, aren’t quite like anything she’s ever read about in magazines or learned from the whispered conversations with her friends in the high school cafeteria. Her parents are still in the process of nailing down their own roles after twenty years of marriage, and her younger siblings Kevin and Mindy were obviously created with the express purpose of ruining her life. When you throw in an addled grandmother in a turbocharged red Camaro who finds what just might pass for love in a most unusual package, plus a world full of mad dogs, bad friends and constantly feuding neighbors, it’s certain to be a long, strange ride.

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