Hope for Haley

Helen Jones is a master at turning garbage into treasures. She believes that everything can be restored, even people. When fourteen-year-old Haley Miller and her mother, Mara, move into Helen’s quiet neighborhood, Helen may be faced with the biggest restoration project she’s ever faced: helping Haley and Mara restore their broken relationship. Helen becomes Haley’s grandmotherly confidante, giving her security she’s never known. But when Mara’s ex-boyfriend threatens to disrupt their peaceful neighborhood, and possibly their safety, Helen takes action on their behalf. She’s told Haley that everything can be restored, even when there seems to be no hope, but now she’ll have to prove it, or risk losing Haley’s trust forever.



August 29, 2018

I enjoyed the story of Haley and her mother. The story was well thought out and encouraging to read.
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About Lisa Volz

Lisa is a contemporary fiction author. Her novels appeal to female readers and have themes of hope, perseverance and forgiveness. They are good for a book club read or for a cozy read with a cup of coffee.

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