Love at Crystal Lake

Not all romances begin with a fairytale. Some begin with a self-help book and a jam-stained tank top. Audra Carter is a practical woman. Falling in love with a man with no direction, like Ethan Lockwood, would take her out of her comfort zone, and she’s not sure she’s ready to invite change into her predictable life. When she finds out that he is the son of the loud-talking, cigar-smoking owner of the Either-Or-Bookstore located below her apartment on Crystal Lake, she is sure that Ethan is not the man for her…until he asks her out on a date. He’s charming, good-looking, and everything his obnoxious father isn’t. But he’s on his way out of town to start a new job, and he wants to close his father’s bookstore, which is a cultural fixture of her small community.When Ethan moves, she turns her attention to saving the bookstore by creating new and regular business through her charity connections, in hopes of preserving her community. The Either-Or-Bookstore begins to thrive, despite Ethan’s efforts to close it.He unexpectedly loses his dream job and comes back home to Crystal Lake and to a thriving bookstore. While away, he’s realized that he’s fallen in love with Audra and must convince her that he isn’t leaving again.If she can learn that change could be good and meet him in the middle, they could make a wonderful life together. But agreeing on a place to get married could be a sticking point, until Audra gets a brilliant idea: get married in the Either-Or-Bookstore.Love at Crystal Lake is the story of how change can bring about a new and exciting adventure if you just lean into it.

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Lisa is a contemporary fiction author. Her novels appeal to female readers and have themes of hope, perseverance and forgiveness. They are good for a book club read or for a cozy read with a cup of coffee.

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