A novel of an unsung freedom-loving Civil War soldier and spy

1862 was the year that the US Civil War underwent a major ramping up.  People on both sides of the fight were confused, angry, and hesitant.  Most believed the 'war' would have already been over.  Very few people realized to what extent the citizenry was being manipulated to participate in the country's most dividing event in its history.

In LONGSHOT in MISSOURI, we meet Rob Finn - an Irish immigrant farmer living in Wisconsin - and follow him through his introduction to the grueling realities of war within a nation. Rob's unusual talents with a rifle have earned him the nickname of Longshot, together with assignments that take him to various places around the western theatre of the war.   It is a physically taxing, emotional journey,  on which he is sometimes surprised by the truths he learns while doing his job as a soldier and a spy.

We also meet Allan Pinkerton, and others of his staff, getting a little insight into what the beginnings of military intelligence for the United States government was like in its infancy.
Historical characters interact with our fictional hero; actual events are intertwined with the daily lives and conversations of people in those rapidly changing times.  Join with Rob as he works to serve and save the things he believes to be of utmost importance, and struggles to sort out those beliefs - the true from the false - in a baffling environment.


"Keith R. Baker in Longshot in Missouri tells a Civil War story from a fresh perspective that will leave the reader wanting more." - James D Best

hat others are saying about LONGSHOT in MISSOURI:

"Excellent read!"

"I really enjoyed the historical details and all the characters."

"My grandfather was from Ireland and I can hear him again when Rob is speaking . Thanks so much!"

"Can't wait to see what happens to Rob, Molly, Jeff and the Shaker people in the next book."

LONGSHOT in MISSOURI is the first book in the LONGSHOT series, which chronicles a rural family as it struggles through the US CIVIL WAR and beyond.

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About Keith R. Baker

Keith R. Baker was born in Chicago, Illinois to working class parents of Irish and German descent. His first paid writing job was with a syndicated group of suburban newspapers in the Chicago area. As a 23-year-old columnist, Keith was awarded a 1st Place by the Illinois Newspaper Association.

Always looking to avoid boredom, Keith tried various occupations in several industries including pharmaceutical manufacturing, insurance, construction, teaching, food manufacturing and distribution, public speaking and politics. He has been a volunteer fire-fighter and EMT.

While Keith's interests include genealogical and historical research, he is more at home in the outdoors and prefers living in very rural settings, "far from the madding crowd." He writes Historical, Military, and Western novels about people and facts gathered during decades of research.

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