Listen to the Whisper

Freedom in the Midst of the Storm
Inspired by the people encountered along life's pathway, Sandi Matts has learned to "Listen for the Whisper." The whisper represents the very breath of God speaking ever so softly but confidently, through each experience of our lifetime, through each voice we hear. It comes when we least expect it, we just need to be sensitive and aware.
It may be easy to recognize the whisper in the happy times but what about through the storms of life? Sometimes our lives are a bit unsettled, just like a thunderstorm, with the chaos of the wind and rain, and with fear persuading our reactions.  Thunderstorms are powerful and are a perfect metaphor for the trials of life. If we just ride out the fury, we may be blessed with a rainbow on the other side, with its beautiful colors offering us hope and peace and tranquility, and a greater appreciation for sunny days.
The contrast of a whisper and a storm inspires us to be mindful of the energy surrounding us.  Like a storm, God has tremendous power. Yet in the midst of all the chaos, in the center of the storm, is where we find the calm. It’s there, if we listen, we will hear the small gentle whisper, as God guides us to the light!


"Your imagery is superb, your insight is keen, and your talent is immeasurable. Love conquers all! You have touched my soul."  Ginny Fuhrman, Erie, PA

 "I have experienced a life changing event by reading Listen to the Whisper.  As a result, I feel more relaxed, happy, and closer to the spirit world than ever before. Thank you for writing a book that will truly change people’s lives and show the human race a “roadmap” to peace, love and happiness.  If you write 100 books, I will read every one."  Guy Burgess, Sr. Consultant, Greenville, NC

"Exceptional!" You have a way of drawing the reader into the room."  Sharon Kestler, MS, LPC, NBCCH, Erie, PA
You had me chuckling and crying. Such a heartfelt book. I enjoyed the way you made it clear for me, the reader, a connection between everyday occurrences and spirituality. You have a gift and I am happy you are sharing it."  June Kula, Ruskin, FL

"Your writing is so descriptive that I could feel your emotions and love and relate to them as I traveled your spiritual journey. That is why this book touches the heart and soul.  Each chapter was my favorite as I read it."       Peggy Williams, Erie, PA

"Powerful, moving and entertaining...all rolled in one."   Beth Zielinski, Erie, PA

"Storytelling is a huge gift, and you have that gift. The overall message of living life fully and with gratitude, love, faith and hope permeates the book...and the invitation and encouragement to really see the divine in every person and situation."  Rosemary O'Brien, SSJ, Erie, PA
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About Sandi Matts

Sandi Matts has been on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and has connected intimately and emotionally with the people portrayed in “Listen to the Whisper.” Relational experiences have given her a glimpse deeper into her own heart, mind, and soul. 

Sandi presents workshops and retreats in Pennsylvania State and Federal prisons. She is part of the core team and a speaker at the “Discover the Woman Within Series,” and the “Life in the Spirit Series.  She has recently studied energy healing and now serves on the healing ministry at her church.

Born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, she has been married to her husband John for forty years. Together they have two children and three grandchildren which have brought a whole new dimension of love into their lives. Sandi remains open to the spirit and looks forward to a great and divine journey through her retirement years.
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