Life’s Little Lessons with the Silly Animals Out on the Ranch

What is wrong, J.R.?” asked Henrietta. “I woke up frightened this morning. There was a bear, a lion, and a snake chasing me. It was scary,” exclaimed J.R. He told the animals what had happened. As J.R. went back into the house, Bob the Rooster and the hens were telling the story to the horses. Delightful color illustrations show and tell, as the animals discuss J.R.'s story. Readers will discover if the story was real or just a dream. This story reinforces to children that dreams are just dreams, they are not real.

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About Cindy Crawford Garrett

Cindy grew up on the Panhandle of Fl. as an Air Force brat. She worked at various jobs until she found her niche in the medical field. As time went by had three children and learned many lessons in life. Married and between her and her husband, whom is retired military, have five children and two grandchildren. They moved to N.M. and that is where her love of writing children's books came about.
I have come to greatly appreciate our farmers and ranchers, it is a tough living when you have no control over mother nature.
Our future generation along with our animals, which are the ones the lessons of life are taught through, are my inspiration.

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