Life in the womb is a daily challenge, though it comes with its share of fun and laughter. Panyin and Kakra, twins in their ninth month in the womb, must confront their fears, fumble over love, and debate on the principles of right and wrong as seen through the lives of their parents. Their pregnant mother wants to be rich and famous, but their father doubts that becoming a corrupt politician, an illegitimate chief or a false money-grabbing prophet is the way to go about it.



Sylvan Thomas's review

Apr 30, 2019  ·  edit
Very original with some beautiful touches like "Charles Dickens Classic for Unborn Babies" and references to "King James" and "Choir practice." The birth concept is very strong and the political struggle balances it quite well. The conflict provides an abundance of humour, both between the parents and in the lives of the twins. Setting the stage for the twins in the womb and on the verge of being born reminds me of films like "Look Who's Talking" where an unborn baby's point of view is expressed through voiceover. On the whole, an unusual but refreshing and a funny read. Worth the time.
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Ernest holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Science in Refugee Studies. He is also the founder of a charity organisation called Refugee Aware. He presently lives in London with his wife and three sons.

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