Life Between The Words

Life Between The Words brings together heartbreak, grief, hope and determination. A prevalent struggle to keep the faith is what binds these pages together. These poems explore the human condition loudly and expressively, through the key events that define us - birth, growth and aspirations, conflict and mortality. They question the moral and philosophical natures of duality. Can good exist without evil? As you devour these verses you will get an insight into an altruistic and loving conscience battling all too-human evil demons. And it will open your mind wide. Poignant and reflective, at times hard to decipher between the sharp air of resignation or the soft breath of forgiveness, though both equally important. These words are uplifting and inspirational. They tell of a life that learnt to trust and believe in second chances, along with the power and importance of self-preservation, to let go and live to taste redemption. - L. J. Diaz, Author of Catching Snowflakes

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This, my third book of poetry has been a difficult endeavor.  The poetic flow slowed to a stop and I wondered if my gift was gone.  Dealing with the loss of my brother and daughter brought some many emotions to my life.  But it has also been fulfilling, paying tribute to people that I care and cared for dearly.  Life Between the Words is exactly that, living and writing about it.

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