“Let’s Get Cracking!”

The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills

In this second edition of this book, bullwhip expert (and 4-time Guinness World Record holder) Robert Dante teaches whip cracking for beginners to advanced performers, from A to Z, covering the dynamics of safe bullwhip handling, basic cracks, elementary tricks and stunts, advanced whip cracking routines and flashes, performing, whips as exercise for fitness, whip maintenance, teaching, two-handed whips, blacklight nylon whips, and much more. Includes photos of some superstars of the world-wide bullwhip community. With Sylvia Rosat. Illustrated, with appendices.

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With 28 positive reviews on Amazon, 61% gave the first edition a five-star rating. Here are some comments:

"Good for Starting Fresh"

"The Bible of Whip Cracking"

"This is a good, useful book for anyone who is interested in whip cracking."

"I recommend this to my customers!"

"Just what is needed to inspire you to achieve your goal. There is very practical advice and illustrations to help you understand..."

"We purchased this book to aid (my son) in learning both the basic and advanced skills. He has learned so much about whip dynamics and has spent many hours reading and learning."

"Great Book!"

"There are not many books out there that can actually help you improve on whip cracking and this is one of the best!"

"There are not many books out there that can actually help you improve on whip cracking and this is one of the best!"

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About Robert Dante

Robert Dante was born in England, lived as a permanent resident of Canada for nine years, now lives in Minnesota. He attended the University of Houston, worked as a theater critic, began performing professionally as a bullwhip artist 25 years ago. He is a four-time Guinness World Record holder. He has published two books of poetry and "Let's Get Cracking! The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills."

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