Leopold’s Assassin

1902 - An Italian tract writer who aspires to greater involvement in the anarchist movement agrees to murder a sitting monarch. The story is set in the 1900’s in Dinard, France, a then fashionable seaside resort of stunning clifftop villas, a fabulous casino and a burgeoning art colony favored by American and British aristocrats and European royalty. After the king is slain aboard his yacht the murderer flees to Peru. Tracking him is an imperious Belgian secret service detective who sets off to bring the anarchist to justice. Unprepared for a life on the run, the Italian treks across Latin America in search of a refuge. But he makes the mistake of his life by settling in French Guiana and Kourou, the overseas capital of the French colonial penal system and infamous Devil’s Island.


"Full bodied historical fiction. Evocative landscapes and interesting characters." —Book Stack Reviews

"A treat for any fan of historical fiction." Paige Turner Reviews (UK)

"A great read." —Amazon customer

"Great historical thriller." —Amazon customer

"My first experience with a Rogers thriller; definitely not my last. A political assassination is only the beginning of this enjoyable turn of the century thriller." —Amazon customer

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About JR Rogers

J.R. Rogers is a literary historical thriller novelist of espionage and foreign intrigue.

He is also a prolific short story writer a number of which have been published in various literary publications and/or online sites. Besides writing fiction his interests include art, culture, gender equality, indie film, and photography.

Over the years the peripatetic author has held a number of positions including working at a Washington, DC government relations firm, an international efficiency consultancy (he spent two years in Quebec, Canada, and at various locations in the United States), and finally as a writer with a Los Angeles-based aerospace defense contractor.

An avid reader he holds a B.A. in French literature from Georgia Southern University – Armstrong Campus, studied information management at The American University and short story writing at the University of California, Irvine, Division of Continuing Education.

He has lived in Canada, Europe and West Africa and now lives with his partner in southern California.

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