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Krill America

Krill America

This novel is an essay on human interaction when people are thrown together and forced to work toward a common goal, although they have little in common and would likely not (of their own volition) ever choose to be connected to each other. It's the story of struggle and the measure of man’s success. An action, adventure, thriller; KRILL AMERICA is relentless and "rife with tension and suspense." The characters and the plot are so real that the impending death story of the Galveston research vessel is styled by critics as having "I was there" graphic wealth.

Described as a cross between “The Old Man and the Sea”, “The Flight of the Phoenix” and “Titanic” and crippled in the Antarctic Weddell Sea, the ship is stricken adrift and sinking with no means of communication and no certainty of rescue. Chief Engineer, MAX VILLANUEVA faces his torn life and the greatest challenge of a lifetime. Max and a few surviving crewmen must create their own way home or face certain death-by-winter at the bottom of the world.


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