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Krikkit’s Shoes

D'Arragon Prophecy

Krikkit's Shoes: D'Arragon Prophecy

Krikkit's life changes when she finds a mystical pair of shoes. Transported to a world much different from her own, the 10 year old schoolgirl discovers kings, queens and a royal dynasty under seige. A long ago prophecy is about to come true, threatening the D'Arragon dynasty. With the guidance of a sorcerer who befriends her, young Krikkit attempts to unleash the powerful magic of the shoes and aid her new friends. Through it all, Krikkit wonders if she will ever return home again.

This middle grade novel will entertain young readers to the last written word with its mystical  fantasy tale and vibrant characters. With themes of love, loyalty friendship and bravery interwoven throughout, this story makes a great read for readers and their families.


Krikkit’s Shoes: D’Arragon Prophecy  (a middle grade series-book 1)

“A charming and imaginative story that children and their families will love!”

By Cindy Bowles-cillyart4you. 2015  (author, teacher)

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“As an adult reading this book, I found I could not put it down! When it ended, I was wishing for more.”

  1. Hewitt, Canada 2015 review on


“A quick read and great for kids who enjoy adventures and fantasy tales with magic and mischief!”

By Stephanie 2016

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About Jessie L. Best

Jessie L. Best creates vivid mystical fantasies for children, teens and young adults. She endeavours to make the unbelievable seem real while weaving themes of loyalty, friendship, courage, and the triumph of good over evil through the pages of her books. Jessie L. Best strives to become one of those authors whose stories and characters will be remembered as favorites for years to come.

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