Kin Seeker, Book One of Dragon Calling

The dragons have mysteriously vanished from the lands of Valadae-except one.

With no memory of his past, or what happened to his kin, Laeka'Draeon begins the daunting quest for answers, well aware the stakes are more than personal.

If the dragons fail to return and restore the waning magic of the legendary towers of Klonnoth Aire, the consequences could bring about the return of an ancient and devastating enemy.

The peace between the eleven allied kingdoms hangs in the balance, and only Laeka'Draeon can set things right.

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“There are many moments of brilliance in this novel, from the superb little epigraphs that commence each chapter to the language of magic that Eccles-Smith has created. It all gives an amazing sense of place and reality to the magical world.” – High Fantasy Addict

“This is an inspiring tale, full of adventure and suspense. It is certainly an awesome introduction into a larger series which is sure to capture the attention of a huge following.” – Bil Howard for Reader’s Favourite

“This is an extremely impressive book. It is well-written and the story is certainly exciting enough to hold the attention of its recommended young audience … I can imagine that it will soon gather a solid following who, like me, will want to read the future series.” – Susan Day, Throw the Book at Us

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About N. R. Eccles-Smith

Naomi confesses the best word to describe her is: whimsical. Forget “the girl next door” and think more along the lines of “the girl from the next galaxy over” and you’d be closer to the correct personality categorization. She is an unequivocal day-dreamer, anime enthusiast, partisan of fantastical things, and unshakable devotee to story-telling.

In addition to writing, Naomi sings, draws, reads, plays console games, does the occasional concept art commissions, and works with rescued animals. Her love for absorbing fabulous, unforgettable stories is only out-shined by her love for creating her own.

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