Kids who Kill: Sandy Charles

True Crime Press, Book 4. Series 1
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This story contains grisly and gruesome details of a child murder that some readers may find disturbing.

A child has been murdered and horribly mutilated in Canada; skin stripped to render the fat for later consumption.

Rumors spread of a monster on the loose, satanic cults, and ritual killings. It is a murder so grotesque people are kept in the dark by police authorities fearing they are not ready to hear the details. The killing is so horrific even the media is kept away for fear of creating a frenzy.

They may be monsters, but the community is unprepared when killer-kids, 14-year-old Sandy Charles and his 7-year-old accomplice, William Martin, are connected to the crime. Names that forevermore will conjure up images of abject depravity and the embodiment of pure evil.

As the layers to teen-killer Sandy Charles are revealed, it becomes chillingly obvious the youngster is dealing with some serious issues that may never be fixed.

If you enjoy Ann Rule's true crime books, you will enjoy these, by bestselling author, Kathryn McMaster.

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