Kids who Kill: Joshua Phillips

True Crime Press, Book 1. Series 1
Kids who Kill: Joshua Phillips

Josh Phillips is a 14-year-old killer. But is he also a sexual deviant? Maddie Clifton is his victim. She is only 8. He claims the murder is an accident, but is it?

As neighbors search for the missing girl her grisly remains lie hidden under his waterbed, the same waterbed he sleeps on for 6 nights before his mother makes the gruesome discovery.

How is it possible Josh can hide her body under his bed for a week without either of his parents noticing the distinct smell of decomposing flesh?

How can he go about his daily life as if nothing has happened?

How can he join in the search for his friend with the rest of the neighborhood knowing that there is no point, as she is already dead?

Who is the real Joshua Phillips? He is not the wholesome boy people think him to be. There is a dark side to this young teenager that shocks the community to the core.

Kids who Kill by the bestselling author and researcher, Kathryn McMaster is nonfiction series looking at young killers. If you enjoy books by Anne Rule, Jack Rosewood and Kathryn Casey you will enjoy this author's books.

Kathryn McMaster specializes in true crime and unsolved cases while digging deep to explore the dark side of the human mind.

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"I loved the book. I like Ms. McMaster's writing style. The story, although startling, is quite a statement on police procedure, family ignorance, and smelly teenage boy's bedrooms." - Dorica Beland.

"This book follows the story of a hard-hitting and difficult to fathom crime in an honest, empathetic and eye opening way. Thoroughly compelling and difficult to put down." - Lynette Ekins.

"Masterpiece of true crime narrative." - David Hall
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About Kathryn McMaster

Kathryn is a writer of true crime set in America and historical crime fiction set in the UK, transporting you back to a different era.

Her true crime books are well-researched, unbiased and based on court records, interviews and newspaper articles.

With her novels she crafts stories around unsolved murders of the Victorian and Edwardian eras highlighting poor policing practices with a rudimentary knowledge of Forensic Science that allowed the guilty to walk free, and the innocent to hang.

Kathryn’s books are further enhanced by her in-depth knowledge and training in Psychology, Criminal Profiling and Forensic Investigation which she draws on to analyze each crime in the Afterword of her novels.

She has long had a fascination with crime and the criminal mind, looking at the ‘why’ rather than the ‘how’, and the dark side of the psyche.

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