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How American Government Works and How to Help Fix It

A nonpartisan and plain-language guide, this book covers basics about American Government and includes a copy of the United States Constitution. Understanding your government will make you (1) less likely to be misled by agenda-driven politicians or media figures and (2) more likely to have a say in how government affects your life.

The following concepts are among those covered in this book: the Rule of Law; checks and balances; separation of powers; types of laws; people’s rights and the government’s powers; the three branches of government and how they (are supposed to) function; influences on our government; ways that our government is broken; and ways that We the People can help fix it.

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About Deb Cupples

Deborah Cupples is a law-school professor and an attorney. As well as law, she studied political science and English. Before starting law school, she ran a small business in the Florida Keys. She understands that knowledge is a crucial step toward empowerment and hopes to play a part in helping people empower themselves.

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