It Is About You

How American Government Works and How to Help Fix It

A nonpartisan and plain-language guide, this book covers basics about American Government and includes a copy of the United States Constitution. Understanding your government will make you (1) less likely to be misled by agenda-driven politicians or media figures and (2) more likely to have a say in how government affects your life.

The following concepts are among those covered in this book: the Rule of Law; checks and balances; separation of powers; types of laws; people’s rights and the government’s powers; the three branches of government and how they (are supposed to) function; influences on our government; ways that our government is broken; and ways that We the People can help fix it.


Kirkus Review (2018)
- "Easy-to-read... Admirably nonpartisan."
- "Straightforward, user-friendly guide to the American political system with an emphasis on how the average citizen can get involved...."
- She "suggests websites (such as for each executive branch department) and internet search terms for seeking out answers to policy questions or the validity of news stories."
Online Book Club Review (2018) 4 of 4 stars
- "Non-partisan...Astonishingly informative. Well organized and easy to understand...."
- "There is an Appendix in which the entire Constitution is printed."
Blue Ink Review (2018)
- "No matter what your politics..., It Is About You is a brief, largely well written primer on American government.
- Cupples offers a sharp critique of American government and politics and her view on "How to Help Fix It." Cupples' well-developed view of the problem of "fake news" is both timely and pointed, and she includes tips for readers on how to judge the accuracy of news sources...."
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About Deb Cupples

Deborah Cupples is a law-school professor and an attorney. As well as law, she studied political science and English. Before starting law school, she ran a small business in the Florida Keys. She understands that knowledge is a crucial step toward empowerment and hopes to play a part in helping people empower themselves.

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