Islendzk Aeventyri

Icelandic Legends, Novellas and Folktales

An English translation of Hugo Gering's 1882 publication, "Íslendzk Æventýri", with stories he found in old Icelandic Arnamagnaean manuscripts. These stories tell Icelandic and European tales both ecclesiastic and secular going as far back as the 3rd century. This is an English translation of Icelandic tales first compiled by Hugo Gering as "Íslendzk Æventýri; Isländische Legenden, Novellen und Märchen".

From the late 1870's into the early 1880's, Hugo Gering traveled repeatedly to Copenhagen University library where he spent countless hours with the original and often fragmented Icelandic parchment manuscripts from the Arnamagnaean collection to research and compile these tales.

The result was two volumes: the first in a more contemporary Icelandic, and the second in Gering's native German. Now for the first time, this translation presents that compilation of legends, novellas, and tales in English. This is a 2017 revision.

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In the ongoing process of indexing the Icelandic sagas, I have worked with other forms of Nordic tales from sources not yet available in English. I want to make these stories available to readers who otherwise would not know of them, their fascinating themes and origins.

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