Into My Rotation

A Collection of Scribes

This book is a culmination of pulling together of the over one hundred pieces I had written.   The scribes are personal, hence the title, "Into My Rotation".  The book reveals my faith, my life's experiences and love.  It has received positive reviews and being my first work, it has a special place for me.


"Aspiritual and mental delight!" Realistic Poetry International

Into My Rotation:A Collection of Scribes, is a book complete with consistent stimulating inspiration and remarkable enthusiastic encouragement; yet and still, his expressions withstand from simplifying and underestimating the marvelous complexities of life.
Thebook's discerning and promising theme appears to be derived from the zealousbeliefs and upright creeds of the Author, in which you, indeed, cannot mistakeas "pretend" or false; for his every word smiles with an undeniable vibrant,euphoric paradise; and possess the kind of utopia that one could only dream of,granting the spirit a calming relief of solace.
Ontop of the book being an allure of peace and tranquility, the Author neverdismisses the diverse realities of life, steering away from unrealistic visionsof the world and people; rather he confesses the seemingly relentless hardshipswe often endure, even going as far as to using himself as a prime example,which is always appreciated. And to be quite honest, his poetry makes it easyto take heed to, and perhaps, even persuade you to consider applying some ofhis poetic advice in your everyday life!
Nomatter what topic, subject, or idea the Author is focusing in on, his speechestablishes a distinct morality in esteems to his character and persona,prompting you to have faith in the fact that his words are unfeigned andcredible. We also found that there was a noticeable level of insight,awareness, and knowledge pertaining to the metaphysical realm, amplifying his prestigiousverses with a stylistic, intellectual, and transcendent aptitude.
Becauseof this, each verse impelled stinging curiosity, fueled contemplative wonder,and revealed the more intimate elements of 'self', especially in comparison tothe common external image that occasionally overshadows what lives within. Wefound this exceedingly captivating, simply because in doing this, the Author refrainsfrom just 'telling' you the why's, what's, and how's concerning self andsociety. Pretentiously, he judiciously expounds on how one can eventuallyelevate and grow, within the mind as well as the spirit. This technique complimentsthe construction and delivery of this book, while also vividly supporting his views.
Withan authentic reverence for the Lord God of heaven and earth, he praises with azealous respect, so avid, it is quite easy to absorb the Author's positiveenergy originating from the pages of his book, which we would metaphorically describeas an astounding whirlwind of enthusiastic hope, unrestricted love, and absolutepassion. And let's be honest; who couldn't use a little bit of each of theseingredients, more than a little, every now and again?
Inconclusion, Author Nolan's collection of proverbial scribes will fill you withlimitless surges of motivation that will effectively build your confidence,character, and fulfill you with genuine tranquility! His voice is one of aleader, a strong leader, whom understands that there is a mysterious beauty tolife with specific purpose. This collection was a reflective and prestigiousodyssey, one in which we all must take heed to one day, until we at last reachour final destinations.
Wegrant this book 5 stars, and hope that everyone has the chance to powerthemselves up with food not just for the soul....but also for the heart.
Welldone, Author Nolan!

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This is my first published work of poetry.  I have shared it via spoken word events and book fairs.  When I started writing the poetry came as a massive wave of scribes.  A very good friend suggested that I get published.  After some research, a friend started her own self publishing company.  Poetry was not a genre she dealt with, but after reading some of my work she wanted to publish my words.  This has been a interesting journey and I have continued to write.  I have two other works published and presently working on my fourth project.

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