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10 Easy Ways To Get Smart Fast

This book will make you smarter, more capable and more creative, super-fast - whatever your IQ.

Have you ever had a problem at home, work or in a relationship that you just couldn't figure out how to solve? Have you felt stuck and frustrated because you can't come up with a good solution? Maybe it's a problem that's been niggling at you for ages, draining your energy and making you unhappy. Or maybe it's an ambition or project which you can't seem to complete or achieve, no matter how hard you try – but it would make such a difference to your life if only you could.

Have you wasted precious time or money on ineffective solutions? Has the issue caused you stress or hung a cloud over your life? Has your potential suffered because you can't see how to achieve your goals?

How much better would your life be if you were able to overcome your obstacles super-fast? If you could have instant epiphanies rather than wasting your time spinning your wheels? Wouldn't you feel lighter and freer knowing that you can solve issues in a snap? Wouldn't life be easier and more enjoyable when you can simply eradicate problems and get on with your goals?

Blending science, psychology and philosophy, INSTANT WISDOM: 10 Easy Ways to Get Smart Fast will teach you tools, tweaks and techniques that will make you smarter in mere minutes or seconds, boosting your creativity and expanding your mental horizons. The strategies include methods that geniuses and peak performers use to get amazing results.

You will learn:
+ Einstein's top tool to be ultra-inventive (you can do this in your sleep)
+ The “Alice in Wonderland” technique that helps you learn anything (it's fast and fun)
+ A way to boost your creativity that is so simple that kids can do it (it's literally child's play)
+ How to fool your brain into being super-focused (an actor used this trick to land millionaire-making roles)
+ An ancient technique that will make you much wiser (a famous philosopher's secret weapon)
+ How to become cleverer doing things you love (this surprising method leads to happiness and success)
+ The tactic top athletes use for ultimate performance (but you don't even have to leave your chair for this)
+ A delicious way to boost your logic (granny knows this trick, but I bet you don't)
+ The “Smart Stranger” method for achieving instant insight (this is a genius way of solving any problem)
+ How to get great minds to improve your intelligence (no bribes required)
... and much more.

When you can boost your brainpower instantly, you will be able to solve personal problems much faster, become a better worker, save precious time on projects, and achieve your goals at lightning speed.

Instant Wisdom contains personal stories, surprising studies and real examples. It contains a variety of exercises, so you can use the tools immediately.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you really want to spend more time and energy stressing out over problems? Or do you want a whole set of easy tools that you can use to instantly be sharper in all areas of your life?


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"A well-written, insightful look at things people can do right now to make their brains work for them. With each page of this perceptive, frank and illuminating book, I did become quite a bit wiser. The techniques may seem marvelous and fantastic -- except they actually do work. Most highly recommended. FIVE STARS." - Readers' Favorite

"The Only Self-Improvement Book You Need to Read...If you read Instant Wisdom, you can skip just about every other self-improvement book out least until Burgess's next book comes out."- Picking Books

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About Beth Burgess

Beth Burgess was a total mess and is now a respected therapist and coach, an avid learner, an award-winning author and a freelance writer. She is the founder of, a resource to help people use wisdom to improve their lives. This book is the first in the Wiseism series. Beth's life missions include helping as many people as possible to achieve a wiser life.

Beth is not a know-it-all, but is keen on researching, reading and experimenting. If she could live in a house made of books, she would. She hopes you will forgive her odd sense of humour. But having fun while you learn makes you remember things better. Well, that's her excuse anyway...

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