In The Sanctity Of My Dreams

[Reflections of My Heart]

In his inspiring book, "In The Sanctity Of My Dreams" [Reflections of My Heart].  R. Vance "Little-Hawk" Oliver, takes the readers on a journey of love, life, compassion, laughter, heartbreak, and sorrow's.  And paints a picture of a poet's heart, through words that are deeply reflective of just how fragile the heart can be. 

---From the Author---                                                                                                                                                    My poems and Essay's speak a lot of who I am.  I feel that my poetry is a gift that God has blessed me with to share with others. I enjoy writing  poems and essay's for loved one's                 and friends as a gift or just to tell someone, "I Love You."  When I write of Life, the places I have been, and the events in my life, it is my hope that the reader's will see a little bit of themselves in my words.  And maybe find a remedy to the trials they are going through and share them with others.  Do you sometimes find Sanctity in your own Thoughts and Dreams?  Whatever the Driving Force is in your life, if you keep a journal of your deepest thoughts, dreams and life's events, then there is a story about who you are deep in your heart and spirit.             


Nobel House Editorial Review Comments:

"Oliver's poetry springs from a deep heart and soul.  His expression of emotion is passionate and compelling, evoking a kindred response from the reader.  this collection is full of life         and the poet's imagery is superbly romantic.  His exuberant celebration of love and romance is not only passionate, but a refreshing return to the time of 'wine and roses.'"

"Oliver's poetry is simple, uncomplicated and easy to read.  The poet skillfully captures his emotions and pours them onto the page.  His first person form attracts and invites readers into his personal life, love, fears, and faith."

"A masterful collection of love poems--the poet's sentiments are genuine and refreshingly sincere.  These poems are the words of a deeply reflective man who loves and touches people through his words and thoughts."    

Profile Photo R. Vance "Little-Hawk" Oliver

About R. Vance "Little-Hawk" Oliver

R. Vance "Little-Hawk" Oliver; Birth name {Russell Vance Oliver}, born August 15, 1958 in St. Petersburg, FL., Raised in Ocala, FL.  Russell started his love for writing in High School in   1976--1977 during his Senior year, where he became one of the Editor's for the Vanguard High School Poetry Club, he was also the Poetry Editor for the 'Excalibur", a collection of poems      and essay's written and composed by students and High School Staff.  His first Poem 'The Dawning Glory", was one of the poems published in the "Excalibur".  On August 24, 1977, he enlisted in the United States Air Force, where he serve for 14-years from August 1977 through June 1990.  During that time he continued to write and compose his poetry, and has been published 38-different times in various Poetry Anthologies, just to mention a few; Cherished Love Poems, [You Speak of Love], 1988, and Day Dreams---Night Dreams, [Friends] 1988; both from [Yes Press].  And Immortal Verses [My Own Space], 2004.  Russell also received the "Golden Poet's" award "Sanctity" in 2007.  After leaving the U.S. Air Force, he continued with his career dreams  as a Professional Fitness Trainer, as well as Sports Medicine.  In March of 1996, Russell moved to Denver, Colorado, where he continued as a Fitness Trainer and a Certified Sports Injury Rehabilitation Specialist in Sports Medicine.  Today he still lives in Denver, CO,. and continues to write and compose his poetry, essay's, daily devotionals & prayer journals, as well as fitness journals, and following his passion of High Altitude Mountain Trail Hiking.  Russell is also pursuing a Life-Long dream of starting a Wild Horse Rescue and Sanctuary Ranch, and working with the "Wild Horse Rescue and Adoption Association".      

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