In The Land of Broken Time: The Incredible Journey

This book is about the adventures of a boy named Christopher, a girl named Sophia and a retriever named Duke. By chance, they find themselves in a balloon that takes them to a fairyland where mysterious events happen. The children want to find the way home, but first they have to solve a lot of mysteries. This is a story about the different ways of measuring time and about friendship. In this book there are many facts about the animals that never get old and about how to construct different clock: not only mechanical, but also sundials, water clocks, hourglasses, aromatic clocks...


What a wonderful story. This story will capture the imagination of children of all ages. it captured this child of 55 years. Children stories are not always for the young children as this author has done, but for the young at heart. There is fantasy, action, mystery, magic, steampunk and a lesson to learn from the story. I love how the dog fit in to the story, it made it more magical.
Christopher is a young boy wanting so desperately wanting to go to the Circus that has came to town. When his Mother puts him off on going, he sneaks out and heads for the circus. There he meets Sophie and when they think they have been found out, they run together and hop into a hot air balloon. The person chasing them was getting closer and they both pulled on the ropes and the hot air balloon took off in the sky.
There are props and costumes in the basket and as they were checking that out, they found an Golden Retriever named Duke. Now Duke wasn't an ordinary dog, he was special. He could _____. Magical! This is when their adventure began and they became fast friends.
How do they get down? How do they get back home? How do they not get in trouble for steeling the balloon? You will just have to read this fun, amazing, wonderfully magical story to find out.I think if this book comes in paperback, I'm going to get it for my niece for Christmas.
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Maria Evan
I am the author and the illustrator of children's books.
The idea to write a fairy tale came at a time when my son was 5 years old. He was sick, and I wanted to please him more than anything. He likes to read books, but all of our books have been read several times so I had a desire to come up with new stories, the first of them -- an adventure in which our son and our boxer dog travel by balloon. It was very exciting for me, starting the next series. I did not know how it would end. :-)
Then I saw how his eyes lit up, and thus, he gave me the belief that my writings are interesting.
Together with my husband -- Max Evan -- we were able to realize this idea, and for me, it is important to know your opinion about our first children's book.

Max Evan
Once, when I was 11, I walked past the library. It was a special library for adults who worked at the metallurgical plant. My father worked at this plant as well. Through the narrow window I saw shelves full of books. Usually there were no people inside. Workers rarely read. I was a smart kid, but did not read the books too.
Nevertheless the books in the Soviet Union were a rarity. You could not freely come to the store and buy them there. It is hard to believe today, but it's true. Books have been a deficit. You could easily buy the works of Marx and Lenin, but could not reach, for example, Jack London or J. D. Salinger.
I went inside. I do not remember exactly what we talked about with the librarian. It was a middle-aged woman. As a result, she enrolled me in the library under the name of my father, went down somewhere in the basement, and brought a thick volume. It was a novel by Jules Verne ”The Mysterious Island”. I read this book avidly. A whole new world opened before me. And so ever since I came to this library and I was given more and more new books.
I grew up, graduated with honors from the University. I am currently working as an editor at the largest Russian TV channel and writing books.
If this had not happened then, perhaps I would have to be working at the plant, which today due to the economic crisis no longer exists. So the only one book changed my life. So when someone says that reading can dramatically change a person, I believe in it, because I know it from my experience.

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